No Smoke Without Fire is Now Live on Amazon

Well, my third book in the Second Chances, Walnut Grove contemporary romance series is now published and live on Amazon. It was a fun book to write but took longer to complete than I anticipated; the problem was, I was also busy with a whole variety of proofreading and editing jobs for several clients.

No Smoke Without FireNo smoke without fire is the longest of the three books and moves forward with Livi and Matt’s lives. Livi’s brother Sean also plays a significant part in the story.

All three of the Walnut Grove books are now available on Amazon Kindle, plus they can be purchased in paperback through Amazon.

I plan to bundle all three books into a box set (in both formats), and then I shall commence work on book four in the series.

Thank you for reading and please, don’t forget to leave your feedback on Amazon. I do very little promotion of my books and they stand or fall by my readers’ opinions.

Thank you!

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