April Romance Promo April 7-9

Spring Romance Promo

Great news. Twelve Amazon Romance Authors have banded together with an April Romance Promo. The twelve books listed below are offered for three days only either free or for the paltry sum of $0.99

My contribution, ‘We Can Laugh Together Too,’ number one in the Walnut Grove Series is included in #5 in the list and the cover is top right in the banner above. If you’re a romance fan there are some great books on offer and I hope you will support the authors taking part by purchasing their books.

1) Marilyn Vix
Genre: Time Travel Romance
Everything For Love (Time Rogues Series #1) ($0.99)

2) Jana Janeway
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Mengliad (The Mengliad Series Book 1) ($0.99)

3) Helen Christian
Genre: Paranormal Romance
The Late Shift
Collection of PNR stories from Multiple Authors
(FREE) with newsletter sign-up

4) Jessa Chase
Genre: Contemporary Romance
My Heart, My Home (FREE)

5) Cindy Baker
Genre: Contemporary Romance
We Can Laugh Together Too ($0.99)

6) D. N. Hoxa
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Heartbeat (Morta Fox Book 1) ($0.99)

7) Jessie G. Talbot
The Kid’s Table ($0.99)

8) Lee Sutherland
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Undead Love ($0.99)

9) E.C. Sheedy
Genre: Contemporary Romance
California Man ($0.99)

10) Naomi Stone
Genre: Romantic Modern Fairy Tale Short
Three Wishes (FREE)

11) Rica Grayson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Trouble Next Door ($0.99)

12) Peggy L Henderson
Genre: Time Travel Romance
Yellowstone Heart Song (FREE)

The Walnut Grove Series Boxed Set

Walnut Grove Boxed Set Omnibus

Second Chances Romance Series

As an author, I’m especially thrilled to have reached the stage where, with three books published, both as ebooks and in print format, I’ve been able to bundle them all together in an omnibus, or boxed set.
For anyone who has read any of this ‘second chances’ romance series and would like to read more, I’ve priced this collection very competitively and buying it is a ‘win – win’ situation—Livi, Matt, Chrissy, the two dalmatians, the horses, as well as all the cast of nasties, all together in one compendium.

Kindle Romance Series

Walnut Grove Series Now Available In Papaerback

Walnut Grove Series by Cindy BakerI‘m thrilled to be able to announce that all three of my Walnut Grove contemporary romance books are now available in paperback. This is a significant step forward for me as an author because although a huge number of readers love their Kindles, there remains a meaningful confederation of customers who continue to prefer an actual printed book with paper pages and a cover.

Each of my three Walnut Grove books: We Can Laugh Together Too, His Past Came Calling, and No Smoke Without Fire, now include both purchase options in their Amazon listings. So, Kindle ebook or paperback; the choice is now yours.

Links To The Three Books

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No Smoke Without Fire is Now Live on Amazon

Well, my third book in the Second Chances, Walnut Grove contemporary romance series is now published and live on Amazon. It was a fun book to write but took longer to complete than I anticipated; the problem was, I was also busy with a whole variety of proofreading and editing jobs for several clients.

No Smoke Without FireNo smoke without fire is the longest of the three books and moves forward with Livi and Matt’s lives. Livi’s brother Sean also plays a significant part in the story.

All three of the Walnut Grove books are now available on Amazon Kindle, plus they can be purchased in paperback through Amazon.

I plan to bundle all three books into a box set (in both formats), and then I shall commence work on book four in the series.

Thank you for reading and please, don’t forget to leave your feedback on Amazon. I do very little promotion of my books and they stand or fall by my readers’ opinions.

Thank you!

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